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Tis the season for eating out. Holiday parties, New Year’s Eve, you survived holiday shopping. Eating out this time of year just happens. If you are going to spend money on an expensive meal at your favorite spot, ask one simple (yet important) question, “do you serve filtered water?” You would be surprised how many restaurants have invested in filtration systems. Think about it, water goes into beverages, soups, foods, even desserts. Treated city water contained contaminants like chlorine. Nothing tastes better with chlorine, that we can promise you.

Aquasana is known for its home water filtration products. Two years ago we took the same technology from our home products and launched a foodservice product called Aquasana Pro Series, to meet the demands of high volume and high quality foodservice operations. Our filtration cartridges feature carbon-based Chloramine and Chlorine reduction capabilities to improve the taste of water for sodas, coffee, tea and other water-based beverages. In addition, our sub-micron filtration removes cysts, like cryptosporidium and giardia, in addition to other harmful contaminants that can impact the quality of your water.

Our Pro Series product is in over 100 restaurants, major convenience stores, and even in a water park!  This is a fast growing line of products for us, and with the thriving restaurant scene in Austin, Texas where we are based, we expect even more restaurants to get on the filtered water bandwagon. Beyond taste, filtering water is also eco-friendly. Aquasana Pro Series is in a major movie house. This chain also serves food and drinks, and recognized selling bottled water wasn’t good for the environment and didn’t make financial sense. This movie house switched to Aquasana Pro Series and is so proud of this choice, they tout it on their menu.

Eating out doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice healthy, delicious water. Next time you eat out, pay attention to the water you are drinking as much as you pay attention to the food you are enjoying.

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