Diverter Pre-Filter Cartridges - 6 Pack

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Replacement filter for the Aquasana Diverter Pre-Filter to prevent dirt and sediment from entering the main filter.

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100237068 DV_PRE_CP
Diverter Hose Assembly for the Claryum® Countertop water filtration system (AQ-4000W).
Pure Performance
The Diverter Pre-Filter Cartridge replaces the filter in the Diverter Pre-Filter for the Aquasana Claryum® Countertop water filter. Available as a 6 pack.
The Diverter Pre-Filter is used to prevent dirt and sediment particles from entering and clogging the main filter unit. Replace Diverter Pre-Filters as needed, particularly once the Pre-Filter is noticeably saturated with sediment.
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