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Countertop Water Filters

Instantly transform your tap water.

Epic contaminant removal, ultimate convenience. Our award winning countertop filters instantly reduce 77 contaminants – 15x more than the leading pitcher filter.

Patented Claryum® Technology = Healthy, Delicious Water

Our independently-certified Claryum® filtration removes the most contaminants while retaining naturally-occurring beneficial minerals to turn ordinary tap water into extraordinary water.

  • Ion exchange and sub-micron filtration tackle heavy metals like lead and mercury, along with asbestos and cysts.

  • Activated carbon removes pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, PFOA/PFAS, VOCs, and more.

  • Catalytic carbon filters chlorine and chloramines from the water you drink and the air you breathe.

  • Selective filtration retains healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium for purely delicious filtered water.


Replace your filters regularly to keep clean, healthy water flowing.

Countertop Replacements

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Aquasana — an immediate difference in every drop

  • Max Contaminant Removal

    Industry-leading results for your peace of mind.

  • Nothing Added

    No chemicals are added to your water during the filtration process.

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Enjoy Healthy, Great-Tasting Water With a Countertop Water Filter

Are you concerned about the quality of your water, or perhaps you just want a way to improve the taste?

Discover how our water filters work to catch and remove the harmful contaminants that municipalities miss. Instantly transform your tap water into healthy, great-tasting water with our assortment of filtration systems that are easy to install and replace. Whether you’re looking for a whole house, under sink, or countertop water filter—Aquasana has a solution to meet your unique needs.

Choose the Best Countertop Water Filtration System for Your Home

Countertop water filters are an easy way to get healthy, great-tasting water without a complex installation process that involves calling a plumber. In fact, our countertop water filtration systems can be set up in just a few minutes using our included instructions.

To determine which countertop water filtration system is best for you, think about how you plan to use the filter in your home. Whether you want a filter that is attached directly to your sink, or you prefer something that can be moved around as needed—Aquasana has a filter that can meet your needs.

The Claryum® Countertop Water Filter uses a faucet attachment to instantly transform tap water into clean, great-tasting water. Simply screw the attachment to your faucet so incoming water can go through a hose that connects to our compact countertop filtration system. The Claryum® Countertop Water Filter also offers 11x the capacity of leading gravity-based pitchers so you don’t need to replace your filter as often.

Our Clean Water Machine is a sleek, yet powerful filter that is 15x stronger and lasts 8x longer than gravity-based alternatives. Plus, the Clean Water Machine uses power to quickly filter contaminants rather than waiting for water to slowly trickle over filter granules. To fit the needs of your home, this versatile countertop water filter is available in black or white and comes in two variants:

  • Pitcher: The slender, 8-cup pitcher version of the Clean Water Machine fits in your fridge door and offers versatility—as you can move it throughout the house or bring it outside as needed.
  • Dispenser: The 16-cup dispenser version of the Clean Water Machine can be placed on any countertop to provide an easy way for family and guests to enjoy healthy, great-tasting water with the touch of a button.

Both the Claryum® Countertop Water Filter and Clean Water Machine use NSF certified Claryum® filtration technology proven to remove up to 99% of lead, asbestos, chlorine, chloramines, and 73 other harmful contaminants.

How to Install and Replace Our Countertop Water Filters

Our countertop water filtration systems are easy to install and replace, as they require no permanent fixtures and use filters that are simple to swap. Additionally, each unit comes with its own set of detailed, image-guided instructions along with video walkthroughs on the installation and replacement processes.

Replacement is quick and easy, but will vary in frequency depending on use. For more information on how often to replace our countertop water filters—check out our under sink and countertop filter replacement page.

If you have additional questions about installation, replacement, or our products in general—please contact us for customer support.

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