Filter Accessories

Premium Handheld Shower Wand

Handheld massage shower wand
  • MSRP: $29.95

Handheld design with multiple massage settings for a customized shower experience.

Countertop Faucet Attachment

Diverter Hose Assembly
  • MSRP: $19.99

Replacement pull pin faucet attachment for Countertop Water Filter.

Countertop Faucet Attachment & Pre-Filter

Diverter Hose w/ Pre-filter Assembly
  • MSRP: $34.95

Pull-pin design with added sediment pre-filter to reduce system clogging in high sediment areas.

UV Replacement Lamp

Whole house UV Light
  • MSRP: $119.99

Replacement Lamp for the UV Filter, available for your whole home water filtration system.

Water Filter Parts and Accessories

Boost the performance of your water filtration system with Aquasana parts and accessories. Improve your shower experience with a relaxing massage from our handheld massage shower wand, or reduce clogging in high sediment areas by adding a countertop faucet attachment & pre-filter. Additionally, you can further safeguard your home from viruses and bacteria by regularly replacing the UV lamp with your whole house system.

Premium Shower Handle Wand

As the essential beauty product, you can experience noticeably stronger hair and softer skin with an Aquasana shower filter. But for those wanting an even more enhanced shower, you can add a relaxing massage wand in white or chrome. The handheld massage shower wand features an adjustable swivel collar that allows you to adapt water pressure for a refreshing shower experience. Installation takes seconds, and the wand is also a convenient way to fill your bathtub or gently bathe your baby with clean, filtered water.

Countertop Faucet Attachment

The countertop filter is one of our most portable methods of getting clean, healthy water from your kitchen sink. But sometimes, your countertop faucet attachment can get lost in transportation. Need a replacement attachment for your countertop water filter? No worries—our countertop faucet attachment can easily be replaced to receive filtered water right from your tap. There are no permanent fixtures required, and no professional installation necessary.

Countertop Faucet Attachment & Pre-Filter

Areas with higher-than-average levels of dirt and sediment should consider upgrading to a diverter hose compatible with a High Sediment Pre-Filter. This hose replaces the standard diverter hose included with our countertop water filter. and reduces the amount of sediment that enters the main filtration unit to decrease the risk of clogging. We recommend using a pre-filter if your water flow slows down significantly or stops completely before your cartridges are six months old, which signals a likely sediment problem.

UV Replacement Lamp

Aquasana's UV filter sterilizes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and chlorine-resistant cysts that can make water unsafe to drink. To keep it working optimally you should replace the UV lamp every 12 months.

Get Regular Water Filter Replacements Shipped Directly to Your Door

The best accessory to have for your water filtration system is a regularly replaced filter. Water For Life makes it easy to replace filters on time and without worry. Whether you're already an Aquasana customer or buying your first filtration system, Water For Life ensures you'll never have to worry about keeping up with filter expiration dates. The benefits of Water For Life include:

  • Auto-delivery when it's time to replace your filters
  • 15% off the price of replacement filters
  • Free shipping
  • Extended warranty — free replacement parts any time you need them
  • No contract

To get started with Water For Life, simply add a product to your cart using the red Water For Life button, or reach out to one of our Water Experts at 866-662-6885 or

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