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Boiled Water vs. Filtered Water

Filtering your water will remove the vast majority of contaminants.

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Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water

When comparing bottled water to filtered water, it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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See key findings from our 2021 Water Quality Survey revealing people's concern about lead contamination in tap water. Plus, learn how to protect your home.

From Boomers to Gen Z, the results are in, and they’re not what you think.

See our survey insights about parents' knowledge and concerns regarding water quality.

Aquasana Donates 30,000 Water Filters to Native American Families

In honor of National Water Quality Month each August, we survey U.S. adults about their drinking water concerns with the ultimate goal of spreading awareness about water quality issues and to help people to find solutions they can trust.

Is carbonated water, like sparkling water, seltzers, and club soda, bad or good for you? Learn about the benefits and possible side effects.