Aquasana: Designed for the Environment

Bottling your own water and eliminating plastic bottle waste is one of the best things you can do for the planet

By: Jay Martin

At Aquasana, we believe we have a responsibility to help people live a healthy lifestyle inside and out. We call our water filtrations products “best-in-class” because they are designed with you and our environment in mind. From manufacturing to finished product, reduce-reuse-recycle is our mantra. Our end goal is to create the best products possible with the minimum impact on our environment.

Eco-Friendly Design

Aquasana drinking water systems are engineered to minimize waste through the use of reusable outer filter rhino_tank_2-300canisters made with BPA-free plastic. Each eco-friendly canister holds an individual filter cartridge that must be changed every six months. These filter cartridges are made with recyclable parts and compostable carbon. Once the life of the filter expires the plastic portions of the cartridge can be recycled and the carbon composted.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Aquasana Salt-Free Water Conditioners are eco-friendly and leave no impact on the environment compared to traditional salt-based softeners. Perfect for living green, our Salt-Free Water Conditioners require no electricity, no back-flushing, create no salt water waste and reduce your overall carbon footprint by avoiding trips to the DIY store to buy bags of salt. For comparison, salt-based softeners exchange calcium and magnesium in your water with salt at the rate of 2:1, creating a significant imbalance in the ecosystem.

Drinking Water Systems –

Clean Water MachineAquasana drinking water systems eliminate the need for bottled water. One set of Aquasana drinking water filters can replace thousands of water bottles of water every six months, reducing the environmental impact of the estimated 60M plastic water bottles that end up in United States landfills every day. Additionally, over 1.3 liters of water are consumed to make 1 liter of bottled water. In a time where water is becoming a scarce resource, filtering your own tap water is simply a sound environmental decision.

BPA-Free Glass Water Bottles

Aquasana reusable glass bottles are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. Bottle your own with Aquasana’s eco-friendly water filters and BPA-free glass bottles and see how easy it is to minimize your plastic consumption.

Environmental Responsibility

Every day we remind ourselves that so much can be done to protect our planet. Our Manufacturing facility in Haltom City, Texas is 100% powered by wind energy, eliminating the need to burn fossil fuels. Without the need to burn fossil fuels, green energy helps decrease the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gases that are going into our environment.

Living Green

When you choose Aquasana you make the smart choice for you and the environment. Drinking plenty of clean, healthy water on a daily basis is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Additionally, bottling your own water helps to eliminate plastic and is one of the best things you can do for the planet. It’s a win-win.

Shop our eco-friendly water filters and other products to get healthy, great-tasting water that also helps the planet.