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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Celebrate Earth Day with us by viewing our list of amazing Earth Day events, why protecting the environment is important, and ways to get involved.

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The Best Water Filters of 2021

Aquasana water filters have been featured in dozens of 2021 “best of” lists. Use this as a guide for what to look for when buying the best water filter for your needs.

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3 Tips for Maintaining a Home Reverse Osmosis System

Thinking about making the switch to filtered water or want to extend the life of your reverse osmosis system? Check out these maintenance tips.

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Is your city or county on this list?

These 6 contaminants are the biggest culprits affecting your water quality.

PFAS can be transferred in many ways. Here’s how to protect yourself.

The CDC to conduct assessments to find the pathways to PFAS exposure.

Introducing the new OptimH2O® whole house filter, certified to reduce >99% of lead, cysts & more.

PFOAs take a stance with non-stick cookware. Unfortunately, their stance isn't backing down.