National Nutrition Month: Aquasana & Marathon Kids Help Kids Stay Hydrated

Aquasana Teams With Marathon Kids to Help Children Stay Hydrated This National Nutrition Month

By: Rachel Carollo

This March marks the 41st anniversary of National Nutrition Month®, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ annual campaign to highlight the importance of healthful eating and hydration. To celebrate this year’s milestone, Aquasana has partnered with Marathon Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the health of children by providing them with the motivation, tools, and support to live happier, healthier lifestyles. 

Why Hydration is Important for Kids’ Health

Hydration is a fundamental aspect of wellness and plays a critical role in children’s lives, especially as they develop and learn to establish healthy habits for life. According to Marathon Kids’ advising nutritionist, Dr. Brittany Crim, PhD, RD, LD, water is one of our most essential nutrients and comprises more than 60% of the body. “Hydration is very important for all ages, but it’s especially vital for children’s health and development. Dehydration can affect a child’s ability to focus and perform, both physically and mentally.”

It’s easy for kids to become dehydrated if they haven’t established healthy drinking habits to actively manage their daily water intake. In fact, a study by Harvard University found that more than half of all children and adolescents in the U.S. are not getting enough hydration. The same study reported that up to 25% of kids ages 6 to 19 reported “drinking no plain water at all.”

How to Get Kids to Drink More Water

To help ensure your child is getting enough H2O, Stefanie Ediger, Marathon Kids’ Director of Training and Education, recommends establishing healthy habits early. As a former physical education teacher and Marathon Kids coach for 10 years, here are Stefanie’s top ten tips for helping your child stay hydrated:

Top Ten Tips for Helping Children Stay Hydrated:

1. Be a role model. 

If you choose water and drink regularly to hydrate, your kids will too! Set a good example by drinking at least 8 (to start) glasses of water a day and encourage your child to join you.

2. Filter your water.

Filtering your water not only makes water taste better, it’s also better for you, too. Tap water can contain contaminants that are especially harmful to children, including lead and PFOA/PFOS. According to Consumer Reports, the drinking water supplies for over 100 million people may be contaminated by PFAS. Not all filters are created equal, however. Make sure to research what to look for in a top performing water filter.

3. Start every morning with water. 

We lose water naturally while we sleep (hence why we wake up thirsty!). According to NPR, that could be more than a pound of water lost overnight. Rehydrate first thing by adding at least 8oz of water to your morning mealtime routine for a breakfast of champions.

4. Make it easily accessible.

Kids are more likely to hydrate if they have easy access to water, instead of depending on you to get it for them. Keep cups and filtered water visible and within reach so it’s easy for kids to refill on their own. 

5. Give it a flavor boost.

Add fruit to water for natural flavor and a vitamin boost. Get your kids excited by letting them pick from different colorful fruit selections and create their own combinations. For daring palates, trying adding fresh herbs like mint, basil and thyme, and vegetables like cucumbers.

6. Bottle your own.

Let your child pick out a fun water bottle to take clean, filtered water for healthy hydration on the go. Aquasana’s Clean Water Bottle has a built-in filter that removes 99% of lead, chlorine and bacteria, wherever you fill up. This option is a safe water bottle for kids, as it's BPA free, and durable enough to withstand a kid’s routine. It’s also easy to open and fill.

7. Keep it cold.

Cold water tastes better. Try freezing fresh fruit in ice cube trays to help keep the water chilled and add a pop of color to the glass. Get kids involved by letting them choose and fill the trays in fun color and flavor combinations. 

8. Educate

Teach kids about the importance of hydration and the important role it plays in overall health, well-being and development. At Marathon Kids, we believe educating kids will help them make better future decisions. By taking this approach, we’ve successfully helped 2.5 million kids become healthier and more active.

9. Eat lots of water-rich foods

Eating foods that are rich in water is a great way to keep hydration levels up and also add vital nutrients. Did you know that roughly a fifth of our daily hydration comes from the foods we eat? Satisfy thirst and hunger with juicy fruits like watermelon and strawberries, leafy greens like spinach and iceberg lettuce, crunchy veggies like cucumbers and a cold glass of milk – all of which are made up of more than 90% water.

10. Accessorize

Add some personality and flare with fun, reusable straws to encourage kids to keep drinking, refill and stay hydrated. Metal water bottles for kids like the Aquasana Stainless Steel Insulated Clean Water Bottle make it easy to customize with things like stickers and decorations.

So How Much Water Do Kids Need? 

The well-known adage to “drink 8 glasses a day” is a good place to start, but it may not be enough. According to Dr. Crim, children should drink between 7-14 cups of water per day. “However, individual needs will vary based on the child's age, size, activity level, and sweat rate. Children should be encouraged to drink pure water throughout the day, along with other foods that can contribute to hydration such as fruits, vegetables, soups, milk, and other water-containing foods.”

How Aquasana Can Help

“Our mission at Aquasana is to support overall wellness by providing best-in-class water filtration products for easier access to healthy, great-tasting water,” said Derek Mellencamp, General Manager at Aquasana. “Kids need good nutrition and physical activity now more than ever, and we’re thrilled to support Marathon Kids in helping them establish strong foundations early on for long and healthy lives.”

One of the best ways to celebrate National Nutrition Month is by getting your kids to drink more water by investing in a filtered water system. This can be as easy as finding the perfect filtered water bottle for kids, serving water from a filtered water pitcher, or investing in a whole house water filtration system for clean, healthy water from every tap in your home.

Join the Marathon Kids Cause

Now in its 25th year, the Marathon Kids program teaches children to set goals and celebrate their progress. Active kids need plenty of water daily, and they can work with their Marathon Kids coaches to set hydration goals along with their daily distance targets. 

Research shows that healthy children perform better in school and make better choices. Join us this National Nutrition Month in establishing new healthy hydration habits and drinking goals. To learn more about Marathon Kids, including how to support their efforts, visit