The Best Water Filters of 2021

Aquasana water filters have been featured in dozens of 2021 “best of” lists. Use this as a guide for what to look for when buying the best water filter for your needs.

By: Maggie Pace

At Aquasana, we are passionate about helping people get access to clean, fresh, healthy water. Which is why we were proud to have our products featured on a variety of websites and publications for having some of the best water filtering products on the market.

Let’s explore some of these awards, what it takes to be voted one of “the best” water filters, why Aquasana products were selected, and which ones are the best filters for your clean water needs.

Here’s Where our Whole House Water Filters Were Featured:

All of these publications selected our Rhino® 1,000,000 Gallons as a top pick for 2021.

What Makes a Whole House System “The Best”?

Whole house water filters are the epitome of personal filtered water technology. These comprehensive systems filter water as it comes into a home or business, making all of the water that runs through your pipes cleaner and healthier.

City Water vs Well Water Options

Whether you get your water from a well or local utilities, the best whole house water filters can be customized for your specific water.

Versatile Upgrades

Great whole house systems offer upgrade options like eco-friendly salt-free water conditioners and bacteria killing UV filters.

Consistent Water Pressure

No one likes to deal with low water pressure. The best whole house water filter systems will provide strong, consistent water pressure.

No Contaminants or Chemicals

The best whole house water filtration systems remove contaminants like chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, pesticides, and VOCs without the use of chemicals.

Choosing the Best Whole House Water Filter

It can seem difficult to find all these perks in one whole house system, which is why only the best whole house water filtration systems offer everything.

Take Aquasana’s Rhino® Whole House system for example. Named “The Best Whole-House System” by The Spruce Eats for its robust filtering system and also included in Popular Mechanic’s round up of “The Best Water Filters for your Home” for its ability to protect appliances and fixtures from hard water and residue buildup. The Rhino® Whole House unit also offers add-on options for eco-friendly, salt-free water conditioners and bacteria killing UV filters. Learn how to transform the water in your home with Aquasana’s whole house systems.

Here’s Where our Under Sink Water Filters Were Featured:

What Makes an Under Sink Water Filter “The Best”?

If you’re specifically interested in filtering your drinking and cooking water, the best under sink water filters provide great convenience and utility. Under sink water filters are a great option to easily turn ordinary tap water into fresh, clean water for a single sink or room.

What to Look For in an Under Sink Water Filtration System

Maximum Contaminant Filtration

The best under sink water filters provide filtration technology that is tested and certified to NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, and 401 for the reduction of chlorine, chloramines, lead, and PFOA/PFOS. They should also be able to reduce mercury, chlorine-resistant cysts, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, and pharmaceuticals.

Dedicated Faucets

The top under sink water filters come with an all-metal, dedicated faucet that keeps filtered water flowing at a quick, consistent rate, and matches your kitchen and bathroom aesthetics.

Easy Filter Replacements

The best under sink water filters last longer and are easy to replace. Under sink water filters can work so well that you forget they are there. This can make it easy to forget to regularly change your water filter. A filter subscription program will help to ensure that your filters are always changed on time.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is the only proven water filtration method to effectively remove fluoride. It also reduces dangerous contaminants like nitrates, nitrites, lead, radium, and arsenic. The best under sink water filtration brands will offer reverse osmosis as an option, for households concerned with fluoride in their tap water.


You don’t want to remove everything from your water. The best reverse osmosis under sink water filters utilizes a process called remineralization. This process reintroduces healthy minerals that are lost in the reverse osmosis process, to improve water pH balance for optimal-alkaline drinking water.

Choosing the Best Under Sink Filter

Finding the best under sink water filter has never been easier, with plenty of options for your needs and budget. 

Good Housekeeping named Aquasana’s Claryum® 3-Stage Max Flow Under Sink Water Filter The best under-the-sink water filter”, while The Chicago Tribune chose the Claryum® 3-Stage Under Counter Filter as one of their top picks because of it’s easy to replace filter and extra perks. Homes and Gardens chose the Claryum® 2-Stage Under Sink Filter as their top under counter water filter due to the economic price, overall effectiveness, and easy DIY installation.

Learn more about Aquasana’s award-winning under sink water filters.

Here’s Where our Countertop Water Filters Were Featured:

What Makes a Countertop Water Filter “The Best”?

Countertop water filters are perfect for households where permanent installation isn’t an option, and are a great choice for renters, RVers, campers, and more.

What to Look For in a Countertop Water Filter

Advanced Filtration

The best countertop water filters employ a filtration process that reduces the maximum number of contaminants. Take Aquasana’s Clean Water Machine, which uses sub-micron filtration, micron filtration, adsorption, and ion exchange. Together, these technologies will reduce up to 99% of 77 contaminants from water, while keeping healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The Clean Water Machine also uses powered filtration, which enables water to be filtered more quickly and efficiently than countertop water filters that utilize gravity filtration.

Design Variety

Just because you are choosing the more economical option doesn’t mean that you have to settle. The best countertop water filters provide options that allow you to choose between systems with or without a pitcher, or a countertop filter that connects directly to your faucet.


As more of us try to be environmentally conscientious, we gravitate towards water filters that have the least impact on the environment. The best countertop water filters use minimal disposal plastic parts and mitigate the need for single-use plastic water bottles.

Choosing the Best Countertop Water Filter

Good Housekeeping earmarked Aquasana’s Clean Water Machine as one of the best countertop water filters because of its comprehensive filtration and large reservoir. For the best water filter pitchers and dedicated countertop water filters, The Spruce Eats singled out Aquasana’s Clean Water Machine with Pitcher and Claryum® Countertop (as did water filters as top picks in their respective categories. 

Upgrade your tap water with Aquasana’s countertop water filters.

Here's Where our Shower Water Filters Were Featured:

What Makes a Shower Water Filter “The Best”?

Unfiltered tap water can contain unwanted chemicals like chlorine that are harsh on your hair and skin. The best shower water filters remove harmful chemicals and annoying sediments. They are also more affordable than whole house systems, and easy to install and use.

What to Look For in a Water Filter for Showers

Remove Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals that are routinely found in tap water can drastically affect your hair and skin health. As the hot water in your shower evaporates, chlorine and other chemicals seep into your hair, skin, and even your lungs. The best shower water filters should reduce the chlorine in tap water to ensure a clean, refreshing shower experience.

Easy Installation

No one wants to hire a plumber to install a shower head upgrade. The best shower water filters should be quick and easy to install, without the need to call a professional.

Filter Replacements

The best shower water filters are designed with easy to replace filters. You should also look for a company that provides a filter subscription program that delivers straight to your door, so that you never have to worry about ordering more filters.

High Flow Rate

Optimal flow rates allow the best shower water filters to filter your water, without reducing water pressure. Look for a shower filter that provides at least 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), to ensure consistent water pressure.

Choosing the Best Shower Water Filter

Not sure which shower water filter is best? New York Magazine’s The Strategist lists Aquasana’s Premium Shower Filter with Massaging Handheld Wand as one of their picks for the best shower water filter system due to its “natural coconut shell carbon that filters out chlorine and other harsh chemicals, as well as a copper and zinc element that reduces chlorine even more while enhancing water pH balance.” Forbes agrees, citing the easy installation and ability to remove unwanted chemicals.

For a more economical option, Better Homes and Gardens and The Spruce recommend our Premium Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head as their option for best showerhead filter.

Click to learn more about Aquasana's popular shower filters here.

Here's Where our Filtered Water Bottles Were Featured:

What Makes a Filtered Water Bottle “The Best”?

Filtered water bottles are perfect for people who want clean, fresh water, no matter where they are. The best filtered water bottles don’t sacrifice utility for filtration.

What to Look For in a Filtered Water Bottle

Comprehensive Filtration

The best filtered water bottles remove bacteria, lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium, and giardia from unfiltered water whether you’re at work or at the airport.

Filtering Speed

Most people don’t want to wait around for their bottled water to slowly filter through. The best filtered water bottles fill and filter quickly, so that you can stay hydrated while on the move.

Protective Design

Too many filtered water bottles give up durability and utility. The best filtered water bottles are tough enough to handle everything from long hikes to routine public transportation.

Easy Filter Replacement

Replacing your water bottle filter should be quick and easy. The best water bottles make their filters easy to buy and replace. Buying a name brand water bottle will also help to ensure that your filter model is available for years to come.

Choosing the Best Filtered Water Bottle

Aquasana’s Stainless Steel Clean Water Bottle was ranked as the best filtered water bottle by Good Housekeeping due to its superior filtration and fast filtering. For parents, Red Tricycle recommends Aquasana’s water bottles because they keep water cool and come with a lifetime warranty so you have peace of mind with your children’s drinking water.

The best filtered water on the go, wherever you go with Aquasana’s filtered water bottles.

Find the Best Water Filter 

Still not sure which water filter is best? With so many options to choose from, you might want to get some expert advice on which water filter works for your needs. Be sure to check out Aquasana’s product listings or get in touch with our friendly team!