Benefits of Whole Home Filtration

Where To Start When Considering A Whole Home Water Filter

Baked goods, coffee, showers, and baths – this one change will improve them all.  Filtering water shouldn’t only come from the idea that water smells bad, tastes funny, or is maybe even a weird color.

Sometimes, the worst things in water are the ones that people can’t see, taste, or smell.

A whole house filtration system can simply mean a better quality of life, and here’s how:

Not All Water Is Created Equal

Water around the globe contains different properties from natural minerals to contaminants.  Someone may turn on the kitchen faucet and notice an awful rotten egg smell coming from their sink – typically from water that contains sulfur.  The water may come out brown and look dirty – often from rust or manganese.  Or, the water may be perfectly clear and smell “normal” – typically some type of chlorine smell. Surprisingly enough, people tend to gravitate toward juices and/or soda rather than water often because of the taste or smell of their tap water, even if it’s almost unnoticeable.

City water is treated before it enters the home using chlorine or chloramines.  These substances are both great for removing bacteria and harmful viruses from the water, but neither are substances that are good for the human body.  Take it one step further – well water does not go through any treatment process at all.

Removing harsh chlorines or chloramines and other harmful contaminants means healthier water.

Whistle while you…cook

Coffee in the morning is part of a regular routine for a large portion of the population, but even if coffee is skipped, breakfast is the best way to start the day.  Water straight from the local swimming pool wouldn’t be the first choice for most to use in their coffee pot.  In fact, when ABC News ran a story entitled 5 Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Morning Coffee, using unfiltered water was at the top of the list. Because most city water contains chlorine or chloramines, that flavor moves not only into the first cup of coffee in the morning, but into all foods.

Filtered Water for Cooking

While baking, especially, water can make all the difference. Edible Manhattan, a popular food blog and magazine, quotes Amy Scherber of Amy’s Bread as saying, “…it’s important to filter when making dough. It takes out the chlorine taste and any particles you don’t want.”

Local coffee bars know all too well.  One of the number one national coffee chains, Starbucks, knows the importance of filtering the water they use for their coffee before ever serving it to a customer.  Test it out at home – the difference is definitely…taste-able.

Sleeping Beauty Comes In All Shapes & Sizes

The average mom dreams of a long soak in the tub after a hard days work. The single male needs that hot shower after a long work-out.  Either way, the second the human body comes into contact with contaminated water, the epidermis starts to soak up the water, the lungs are suddenly full of shower steam, and hair follicles absorb what’s coming through the pipes.  Sometimes busy days lead to even busier nights.  Worrying about what is in the water that the common household uses for bathing, is last on the list.

Bathe in contaminant free water.

That classic chlorine smell can be a huge turn-off – the realization that the bathtub is full of chemicals and contaminants. Before you throw in the bath bomb to cover up the smell, consider the water you’ll be soaking in.

Shower and bath water can really make a difference when it comes to skin, hair, and lungs. The chlorine or chloramines used to treat municipal water can cause excessive drying.  They can cause blonde hair to turn green.  They create chloroform when hot enough to make steam.  Filtered bathing water simply equates to a healthier lifestyle all around.

Clean on the inside, clean on the outside

At Aquasana, we’ve identified which substances make water taste and smell funny and we’ve designed filters that reduce them. In fact, many of our products like the 6-year Whole House System are NSF certified to remove 97% of Chlorine to improve taste and smell.

Reducing chlorine, zinc, and mercury also improves the taste and smell of your water; then we take it a step further by removing the harmful contaminants you can’t discern including lead, pesticides and traces of pharmaceuticals. The end result? Healthy water that is, quite simply, delicious.

To remove the highest number of contaminants, we recommend pairing a drinking system with a whole house system.  This allows for the healthiest drinking water to hydrate inside the body, while chlorine free water takes care of the outside.


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