World Water Day Explained

The Answer Is In Nature

World Water Day sounds pretty self-explanatory – a day all about water. Over 70% of the earth’s surface, and about 60% of the human body is made of water.  Frankly, humanity would not survive without it.  So, it only makes sense that there would be a day created to talk about the importance of water in the world.

Past World Water Day themes include “Water and Sustainable Development” and “Why Wastewater.” Every theme connects water care and conservation to the campaign. However, it’s more than just that – it’s water awareness as a whole that moves us to a greater understanding of how important this cause really is.

The 2018 theme for World Water Day is: Nature for Water. According to the World Water Day Organization, “The central message is that NBS (nature-based solutions), such as planting trees to replenish forests, reconnecting rivers to floodplains, and restoring wetlands, is a sustainable and cost-effective way to help re-balance the water cycle, mitigate the effects of climate change and improve human health and livelihoods.”

Take a step back and let’s look at what is happening on our planet and why we need to implement NBS to help with the water situation?

The Current Water Situationworld water day theme - nature

Over 2 billion people on our planet do not have access to safe drinking water. That’s almost 30% of the world’s population, and our population numbers only continue to grow.  As population grows, the demand for clean drinking water grows with it.

Water quality statistics are even more unnerving: “An estimated 1.8 billion people use an unimproved source of drinking water with no protection against contamination from human feces. Globally, over 80% of the wastewater generated by society flows back into the environment without being treated or reused.”(1)

The process water undergoes in the United States before coming through your tap is extensive – check it out!  If 80% of the wastewater is going straight back into the environment without treatment, think about everything humans put into the water supply on a daily basis.

Do some research – the World Water Day Org. has a fact sheet that explains our planet’s current water situation.  The more people know and understand about the water crisis, the more we can do to make changes.

Humans Effect the Water Situation

The water on our planet is constantly changing and moving in nature.  Humans have a bigger impact on the water that one might typically think.  Things we do regularly like drive to work, use the restroom or take a shower, throw away trash, and fertilize a personal garden all influence nature. These actions are direct contributing factors to global warming and water pollution.  Whether we choose to admit it or not, we’re causing our planet turmoil.

The pollution that humans emit into the environment is directly leading to global warming.  Global warming leads to things like drought, floods, melting polar ice caps, erosion, mudslides, hurricanes, and more – all of these are natural disasters that have major effects on the water supply.  It’s a straight-up domino effect.

Some of these disasters may not even be those that typically come to mind when water is the topic at hand. Forest degradation, for example, is a leading enabler of erosion.  When a flood occurs in that same area, the land is free and clear for water to gather up contaminants and sediment and flow straight to our rivers and additional water supplies.  All those contaminants and little yummy extras – errr not so yummy – eventually end up in the drinking water.

Aquasana’s Point of View

Water filtration is a huge step towards removing contaminants and creating healthy drinking water for you and your family. At Aquasana, we believe that water should be clean, and healthy – just the way nature intended it to be.  Yes, everyday living has major consequences on our environment, especially our limited fresh water resources – but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t small steps that we can take to improve our lifestyle and our environment at the same time.

Avoid contributing to the domino effect – make eco-friendly decisions. Aquasana water filtration systems are designed with the environment in mind.  Reduced plastic waste, coconut-shell carbon filtration media, a manufacturing facility that runs off 100% renewable energy, and more. Start reducing your carbon footprint with us. Learn how you can make a differenceYou can make a difference.


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