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Recent News

Aquasana on Fox News

Fox News looks at the best water filters to safeguard your drinking water, including Aquasana's Powered Water Filtration System. Removing Lead with the PWFS

News Release: Buy One, Give One Campaign for Flint

Aquasana is proud to be part of the solution in Flint, Michigan by launching a Buy One, Give One campaign to give water filters to people impacted by the lead crisis. Donating to Flint

Filtering lead out of water

The two most common ways to remove lead from drinking water are ion exchange and reverse osmosis How to filter lead

First Flint, Where Next?

Flint, Michigan put the issue of lead in drinking water on the national map. This is not an isolated problem—elevated levels of lead in drinking water has been detected in more than a dozen cities. Safeguard your drinking water

Safe Drinking Water Act

Most of us assume the water that flows from our tap is safe to drink. That is until Flint, Michigan’s water crisis made most of the nation question how safe tap water is to drink. How safe is the water you drink?

Video Blog: What Is Lead?

Lead is in the news a lot these days. Aquasana CEO and environmental engineer Todd Bartee tells you what you need to know about this heavy metal and why you should avoid it, especially in drinking water. Lead poisoning

Frost & Sullivan honor Aquasana

Frost & Sullivan, the world leader in growth consulting and the integrated areas of technology research and best practices, honors Aquasana with the 2014 Best Practices Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership.

North American Residential Water Treatment Systems Product Line Strategy Leadership Award