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Recent News

Aquasana’s Reverse Osmosis on the Today Show

Showcased on the Today Show, Aquasana’s Reverse Osmosis water filter is NSF certified to remove Chromium 6, lead, fluoride and over 70 more toxins. Certified to Remove Chromium 6

Aquasana Water Filter Removes Over 97% of Chromium-6 Carcinogen Found in All 50 states

In response to chromium-6 found in the drinking water of 218 million Americans, families across the country should filter their water with an NSF-certified reverse osmosis system. Removing Chromium-6

Aquasana Active

Great tasting, healthy water has never been easier to get, wherever you are. Our new Active line takes professional grade filtration and makes it portable. No installation or plumbing required. Clean Water Machine & Bottle

Do Aquasana Water Filters Remove Chromium 6?

Important information from Aquasana regarding chromium-6 contamination in water supplies across the United States. Chromium-6 Removal Info

Milwaukee Water Quality

Mayor Tom Barrett has requested more funds to replace Milwaukee, Wisconsin's lead pipes. Meanwhile he's been urging residents to use faucet filters. Milwaukee water quality

Should You Be Worried About Fluoride In Your Water?

Most of us take for granted that those who started to add fluoride to our water last century had our best interests in mind. Still, some Americans, as well as others around the world, are beginning to wonder if fluoridated water is safe. Fluoride in your drinking water

Frost & Sullivan honor Aquasana

Frost & Sullivan, the world leader in growth consulting and the integrated areas of technology research and best practices, honors Aquasana with the 2014 Best Practices Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership.

North American Residential Water Treatment Systems Product Line Strategy Leadership Award