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Why Aquasana

High Performance

NSF Certified to reduce 60 contaminants including >97% of chlorine and chloramines.

Instant Filtration Convenience

Stop waiting for drip pitcher filters! Get clean, healthy water right from your tap.

Excellent Value

Our filters provide clean filtered water for only 2 cents or less a serving!


Filter and bottle your own water! One drinking water filter replaces 4,000 plastic water bottles.


"I went to Consumer Reports and I saw that it was a top-rated water filter system. They rated it high in all categories."

Diana Welsch

— Austin, TX

Your body is more than 70% water. Make sure this water is as clean and healthy as it can be. Common tap water contaminants including disinfectants and other impurities can be unhealthy to drink and use on a daily basis. In one easy step you can make a significant improvement toward a healthier you and a healthier environment. Clean, filtered water is superior for drinking, cooking, showering and a great way to reduce plastic waste. Learn more about healthy water for healthy living here:


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All about Water for Life
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Aquasana Water for Life auto-ship replacement program
Merchandised discounts may include an additional 20% off select systems bought with Water for Life added to the online cart.
To receive the water for life promotional discount on your shower filter systems you must enroll in our water for life filter replacement program and agree to purchase at least one shipment of replacement filters.
Free post-filter elements are only included with 10-year and well water whole house filter systems featuring post-filters.
Offers expire on 9/15/2014.