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Recent News

Aquasana’s Filter Bottles on QVC

Aquasana’s new filter bottle recently made its on screen debut on QVC QVC

April Showers and Beyond

When showering, chemicals in our shower water enter our bodies through skin absorption and inhalation of steam April showers

Get The Lead Out

Get the Lead Out. It’s as simple as it sounds. Lead is concerning but it’s also really easy to remedy Get The Lead Out

Aquasana Filter Bottle Listed as A Top Trend for 2016

Aquasana makes the Chicago Tribune's top trend list from the Housewares Show recently held in Chicago. top trend

Moving One Mom To Action

The list Moms (and dads) can worry about is endless. The water your kids drink is one thing you can take care of today. Mommy I'm Thirsty

Virginia Tech Team Leads the Way In Flint

VA Tech Researchers are looking at water quality and solutions to ensure the water they drink is safe in Flint, MI VA Tech Researchers

Frost & Sullivan honor Aquasana

Frost & Sullivan, the world leader in growth consulting and the integrated areas of technology research and best practices, honors Aquasana with the 2014 Best Practices Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership.

North American Residential Water Treatment Systems Product Line Strategy Leadership Award