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Replacements shipped directly to you, right when you need them, at no extra cost.

Discounted Replacements

Lock in a 15% discount on filters to ensure you always get the best price.

Extended Warranty

Our performance promise to you – free replacement parts, just in case.

No Contract

Replacing your filters is serious – but your commitment doesn't have to be.

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Use only genuine, certified Aquasana replacement filters with your system.

No More Dirty Filters

Waiting too long can cause your water filter system to stop working all together. It can also become a source of bacteria or mold.

Keep up with your contaminant removal.

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Water for Life® is the only way to go for ongoing discounted replacement filters.

About Water for Life®

Aquasana's Water for Life® program makes it easy to replace filters on time and without worry. Whether you're already an Aquasana customer or buying your first filtration system, Water for Life® ensures you'll never have to worry about keeping up with filter expiration dates.

Get filters auto-delivered when they need to be replaced—plus receive 15% off the price of replacement filters and an extended warranty on your filtration system. Our no-contract Water for Life® program makes filter replacements simple and cost-effective!

Free Shipping

Get free shipping on all replacement filters! We'll keep track of when it's time to swap your filters and automatically ship a replacement so you can keep enjoying healthy, great-tasting water.

Discounted Replacements

Enjoy an exclusive 15% OFF discount on the price of all replacement filters as a Water 4 Life® member.

Extended Warranty

Receive a complimentary extended warranty on your filtration system that includes free replacement parts—just in case.

No Contract

Don't worry about a large upfront fee or long-term contracts—Water for Life® gives you the freedom to pay as you go or cancel your subscription anytime. Simply call our water experts at 866-662-6885 to pause or discontinue service.

Become a Water for Life® Member

Simplify the filter swapping process by becoming a Water for Life® member.

We'll keep track of filter expiration dates and send you discounted replacements with free shipping to ensure you can always enjoy healthy, great-tasting water. Plus, our no-contract program includes an extended warranty with free replacement parts for your filtration system.

To get started with Water for Life®, simply add a product to your cart using the red Water for Life® button, or reach out to one of our water experts at 866-662-6885 or waterforlife@aquasana.com.

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