Give the Gift of Cleaner Water

Our guide to buying products to encourage healthy water drinking — no matter who you’re buying for.

By: Maggie Irish

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be exhausting. The holiday shopping season is often a burst of stressful shopping followed by gift recipients who pretend to like their gift, but never actually use it. We’re here to help alleviate that pressure this year. What’s better than a gift that’s both practical and healthy? Here’s our guide to buying your loved ones gifts that not only encourage healthy hydration and self-care but are eco-friendly and sustainable. 

The travel and outdoor enthusiast

If you have a traveler or outdoor adventurer on your gift list, it might be difficult to get a unique gift for the person who has seen it all. Encourage the travel lover in your life to drink clean, healthy water while away. For those that travel around the country in an RV or van, a small and practical gift is key. Campground water may taste bad or contain contaminants, so the Claryum® Direct Connect is the ideal gift to drink clean water without the worry. The system features a slim profile to save on precious space. 

 A durable, good water bottle can make a huge difference while on a hike under the sun. Water bottles are vital to keeping the backpacker in your life hydrated. Our stainless steel Clean Water Bottle features a built-in filter that reduces 99% of lead, chlorine, cysts, and bacteria to ensure they are supplied with healthy water to the end of the trail. The vacuum seal will keep water cold for up to 24 hours, along with the silicone sleeve to provide protection and gripability with no sweating, no matter the terrain.

The beauty lover

We all have that one friend or family member who has the best advice on skincare and makeup. Nothing will make the beauty-obsessed loved one in your life happier than a new, thoughtful self-care gift. With our award-winning Shower Filter, not only will they see the difference in their skin and hair with softer, smoother locks and longer-lasting color, they’ll feel it, too. The patented coconut shell carbon filter removes up to 90% of chlorine that can cause damage and excessive drying. Our shower filter even naturally enhances bath products and hair treatments. The beauty connoisseur on your list will thank you for softer and shinier hair, smoother and more moisturized skin, and extending the life of their other bath and haircare products. 

The environmentalist

Now more than ever, people are becoming conscious consumers. In our most recent Water Quality Survey, we found that 62% of people say they “always or often” seen products because they are sustainable for the environment, which is up from just 27% in 2021. So, when it comes to finding a gift that reduces the carbon footprint, make sure it isn’t just labeled ‘eco-friendly’ but truly is. Filtering your water at home is one of the easiest ways to eliminate single-use plastic bottles. Our under sink water filters are a great gift for any household looking to upgrade from the clunky pitcher filter. Designed to be installed under the sink, our Claryum® 2-Stage reduces 78 contaminants while retaining the naturally occurring beneficial minerals that are found in water like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. And with a filter life of 500 gallons, you can ensure filtered water for the entire family. And if there’s someone with a green thumb on your list, a water filter is the ultimate plant care gift. Most house plants have a sensitivity to chemicals found in tap water (like lead), so a water filter will ensure they are getting healthy hydration all year long.  

The home chef

We all have at least one foodie on our gift list that is gear-obsessed with their cooking tools. There are all kinds of gadgets out there – professional grade knives, beautiful cutting boards, state-of-the-art saucepans, but there are not many tools out there that will actually make their food taste better. Well, until now. With the gift of a Claryum® 3-Stage Max Flow the water they cook with, wash their produce with, and even use for ice in mixed drinks, will be clean and healthy. Your chef can prep with water that’s free of unwanted contaminants like microplastics, chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides – right at their fingertips. 


Claryum® 3-Stage Max Flow

Remove up to 99% of 78 contaminants, plus sediment. Now with 44% faster water flow for ultimate hydration.

The new parent (and pet parent)

If you have a friend who’s just had a child (or welcomed an adorable puppy into their home) we have the perfect gift that their baby will never grow out of. New parents are gifted with everything they could ever need to dress, travel with, and play with their new baby. A thoughtful gift for all kinds of parents that can be beneficial to their whole family’s health is something a toy or blanket can’t do. Gifting a countertop water filter like the Clean Water Machine gives new parents peace of mind when filling baby bottles or pet bowls that they are getting clean, healthy water. Since the new parents in your life are keeping pretty busy, the filter is designed for easy, DIY installation, plus it can be easily transported to a nursery for late night feedings with clean water.