It's Not All About That Taste.

Taste, because of its subjective nature, is never a good indicator for water quality. Bacteria and viruses are tasteless.

By: Kelsey Royer

Tasty doesn’t always mean healthy, and this is especially true for water. There are plenty of contaminants that don’t affect taste. If your priority is health, you’ll want to make sure to use a filtration system that does more than improve taste and you’ll want to change your filter as recommended.

Why Scheduled Filter Changes are a Big Deal

…But, It Still Tastes Fine!

Once you’ve found the right system for your drinking water, it’s important to replace the filter consistently.

When you buy an Aquasana filtration system, our experts work together to determine a custom replenishment cycle that is specific to your product and the water quality in your area. The average replacement cycle is 6 months.


If you think about postponing a filter change because your water still tastes ok, think again. “Taste, because of its subjective nature, is never a good indicator for water quality. Bacteria and viruses are tasteless,” says Aquasana Marketing Director Vik Doddi.

“When a filter is used beyond its recommended cycle,” he continues, “sediment builds up and leads to slower flow. Over time, bacteria can build-up and make the water less hygienic. Consuming water from a filter that has not been maintained can be potentially harmful to health.”

The Environmental Protection Agency echoes Doddi’s advice, encouraging filter users to follow manufacturer instructions in its “Filtration Facts” brochure. The EPA also suggests ensuring your product is certified by either NSF International, Underwriters Laboratories, or The Water Quality Association.

Not All Water Filters are Created Equal

water-filter-comparison-water-glassesYou’re careful about what fuels your body. You eat healthy foods, take vitamins, and drink filtered water. If you use a system that’s not certified, however, it’s hard to be sure what it’s actually filtering.

NSF Certification

Aquasana consistently goes above and beyond to prove that our products perform to scrupulously high standards. Most Aquasana products are NSF certified, and many of them are certified to filter more contaminants than competitor products.

Unlike a system that is not certified, these products have been put through rigorous testing. According to the EPA’s “Filtration Facts”:

The NSF Water treatment Device Certification Program requires extensive product testing and unannounced audits of production facilities. The goal of this program is to provide assurance to consumers that the water treatment devices they are purchasing meet the design, material, and performance requirements of national standards.

Besides rigorously testing products, NSF provides consumer resources. On the topic of filter changes, NSF advises:

To ensure your water treatment system is performing effectively, use the proper replacement cartridge and change your filter at the recommended interval.

Make it Easy with Water for Life

water-quality-month_image6_1600px Leave tracking of your replacement cycle to our experts, by joining Water for Life. This exclusive membership includes filter scheduling, filter discounts, and free shipping on replacement filters.

With Water for Life, you and a consultant will decide on a replenishment cycle based on expert advice and your input. After that, you’ll receive replacement filters at your door right when you need them, with no shipping fee. If you ever want to alter the frequency of your replacement filters, you can make the change with a simple phone call.

Keeping your water healthy has never been easier.