Introducing the All-New Clean Water Machine

Buy one this spring, and we’ll gift one to a Native American family in need of clean, healthy water.

By: Rachel Carollo

Meet our all-new Clean Water Machine for superior filtration at the push of a button. Sleek and compact, this is the first powered countertop water filter to combine a stylish, no-install design with four different methods of advanced filtration technology to instantly filter 77 contaminants from tap water, including lead, the “forever chemicals” PFOA/PFOS, asbestos, microplastics, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, mercury, chlorine, chloramines and more. Simply plug it in and push a button to remove 15X more contaminants than the leading pitcher filter – 5X faster – without having to wait for the dreaded pitcher drip.

Forget the antiquated, clunky, and slow traditional pitcher filters we’re all familiar with. We are thrilled to introduce a modern, no-install solution that delivers both style and substance for superior filtration. Not only is our new Clean Water Machine 5X faster with 7.5X more filtration capacity than the leading pitcher filter, it’s also powerful enough to tackle serious contaminants, including lead and PFOA/PFOS. That’s simply not achievable with the traditional gravity-based pitcher filters on the market. 

Ideal for the health-conscious, eco-minded, gadget-loving, and foodie-inspired loved ones in your life, our new Clean Water Machine makes a great gift – and graduation season and Father’s Day are just around the corner! Unlike sink-installed filters or fridge-based pitcher systems, this system works anywhere there is an outlet to transform tap water into extraordinary water wherever you need it, from the kitchen, dining and guest rooms to a home office or college dorm. It's 8X smaller than your standard countertop microwave and uses 95% less power. 

Even better? For every new Clean Water Machine that is purchased through July 15th, we’ll donate a Clean Water Machine to help Native American families living on tribal lands and reservations without access to clean drinking water.* This is the third time in less than a year that we’ve partnered with Good360, the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, to help deliver clean drinking water to families in need. We worked with the nonprofit last summer to distribute 30,000 water filters, worth $1.5 million, to Native American families in honor of August’s National Water Quality Month. A few months later, we also donated 47,600 of our reusable water filter bottles – enough to provide 4 million gallons of clean drinking water, or the equivalent of nearly 30 million plastic bottles of water – to help support families impacted by numerous natural disasters, including Hurricane Ida, wildfires, flooding, the Haiti earthquake, refugee resettlement and more. 

"For every new Clean Water Machine that is purchased through the end of June, we’ll donate a Clean Water Machine to help Native American families ... "

All-New Clean Water Machine

Our all new Clean Water Machine filters 77 contaminants including lead at the push of a button with no installation.

Starting at $199.99 at, the all-new Clean Water Machine fills an 8 oz glass with clean, healthy water in under eight seconds. It’s small enough to keep on the countertop, yet powerful enough to deliver great-tasting water in a fraction of the time it takes a pitcher filter. Unlike traditional pitchers, which use gravity to slowly trickle water over granules, the Clean Water Machine uses the power of electricity to quickly force unfiltered water through an ultra-dense block, resulting in filtration that is 400% faster than the leading pitcher filter. 

It's also significantly better for your wallet and the environment compared to bottled water. Each Clean Water Machine replaceable filter cartridge ($29.99/filter) lasts for 300 gallons or up to six months. That’s the equivalent of over 2,200 plastic water bottles displaced from landfills and $500 saved with each individual filter. 

Finally, for a healthier home and ultimate peace of mind, our new Clean Water Machine is tested and certified to NSF standards for the removal of up to 99.9% of 77 contaminants, including lead, the “forever chemicals” PFOA/PFOS, asbestos, microplastics, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, mercury, chlorine, chloramines and more. Our patented Claryum® selective filtration ensures maximum contaminant removal while retaining the beneficial, naturally occurring minerals in water, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, for optimal hydration. 


Buy our new Clean Water Machine for yourself, a family or friend this spring and give the gift of clean drinking water to Native American families in need. 


*Up to 2,500 Clean Water Machine filtration systems will be donated.