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Our award-winning under sink water filters remove up to 99% of 90 contaminants to instantly transform ordinary tap water into clean, healthy water.
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High-efficiency reverse osmosis system removes up to 99.99% of 90 contaminants, including fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, and lead.
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Faucet Finish: Brushed Nickel
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Remove up to 99% of 78 contaminants, plus sediment. Now with 44% faster water flow for ultimate hydration.
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Immediate access to clean, healthy water. 78 contaminants reduced, plus a Pre-Filter to tackle sediment and rust.
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Reduce 78 contaminants and instantly transform ordinary tap water into clean, extraordinary water.
Advanced Claryum® Technology = Healthy, Delicious Water
Our tested and certified Claryum® filtration removes the most contaminants while retaining naturally-occurring beneficial minerals to turn ordinary tap water into extraordinary water.
Ion exchange and sub-micron filtration tackle heavy metals like lead and mercury, along with asbestos and cysts.
Activated carbon removes pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, PFOA/PFAS, VOCs, and more.
Catalytic carbon filters chlorine and chloramines from the water you drink and the air you breathe.
Selective filtration retains healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium for purely delicious, filtered water.
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Replace your filters regularly to keep clean, healthy water flowing.
Replacement filters auto-delivered to you — for less.
15% off filter replacements, an extended limited warranty, and free shipping — no contract required. That's Water for Life®.
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I am extremely happy with the product. Thank you for taking the time to create something that truly is beneficial to everyone. There is an extreme difference between my Aquasana water and my regular water. The Aquasana water is the clearest, most crisp and clean water I have ever had!!
The product produces great tasting water and it is very simple to install with clear instructions. I highly recommend!
Installing Aquasana was a breeze! After installing the Aquasana 3-stage filter, my water tasted much better than before, and the whole family noticed!
I purchased one for my large 1895 farmhouse. Immediately the water tasted better. It was easy to install and it is easy to change filters. If you don't have a water filter, this one is it. Excellent customer service too.
I'm so impressed. Very easy to use and set up. High quality. Highly recommended.
The Aquasana filter was really easy to install - the video was an added bonus! The water tastes great and I have peace of mind about the quality of the water I drink all day. I subscribed to the auto-delivery on filters. I'm very happy with this purchase!
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Under Sink Water Filters for Healthy, Great-Tasting Water

Under sink water filtration systems are a popular way to get healthier, better-tasting water because they remove more contaminants than most pitcher-based options and even bottled water. These systems are installed below your sink, enabling you to instantly enjoy clean water straight from the tap without taking up valuable counter or fridge space. By connecting to your water line, under sink filters provide a constant supply of filtered water — so you don't need to worry about refilling a tank or waiting for water to trickle through a filter block like with a traditional pitcher filter system.

Clean, healthy water is essential. After all, you use water for so much — from washing produce to watering plants to filling your family's glasses and your pets' bowls. The majority of municipalities use chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines to treat drinking water for bacteria, but the process can miss other contaminants that may be detrimental to your health. This is why we recommend installing a water filtration system under your sink, on your countertop, or for your whole house.

Compared to most pitchers, Aquasana's under sink water filters reduce 15x more contaminants. In fact, our tested and certified Claryum® filtration technology removes up to 99% of harmful contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, lead, microplastics, fluoride, PFAS, pesticides, herbicides, mercury, asbestos, and others from your tap water.

Choose the Best Under Sink Water Filtration System for Your Home

Aquasana offers several under sink water filters to fit the unique needs of your home and family, and many include a dedicated faucet that dispenses filtered water.

To help determine which under sink water filter is best for your home, start by reading your water quality report and consider what level of filtration you'll need to reduce contaminants present in your water. Here's an overview of our under sink water filters that are great at reducing contaminants and protecting you and your family's health:

  • SmartFlow® Reverse Osmosis: Our most powerful under sink water filter, this system combines Claryum® and reverse osmosis filtration with our patented SmartFlow® technology to efficiently remove up to 99.99% of 90 contaminants
  • Claryum® 2-Stage: Removes up to 99% of 78 contaminants including chlorine, lead, PFAS, and microplastics
  • Claryum® 3-Stage: Removes up to 99% of 78 contaminants and includes a pre-filter to tackle sediment and rust
  • Claryum® 3-Stage Max Flow: An upgraded version of the Claryum® 3-Stage, now featuring a 44% faster flow rate and 800 gallons of filter life
  • Claryum® Direct Connect: An easy to install, fast-flowing water filter that connects directly to your existing faucet and removes up to 99% of 78 harmful contaminants

All of our under sink water filters are tested and certified to reduce chlorine, chloramines, herbicides, pesticides, PFAS, pharmaceuticals and more in your tap water. If you prefer a countertop water filter, we have options that also use tested and certified Claryum® filtration technology proven to remove up to 99% of lead, asbestos, chlorine, chloramines, and more for a total of 78 harmful contaminants.

How to Install and Replace Our Under Sink Water Filters

Installing our under sink water filters is straightforward. Each Aquasana under sink water filtration system has its own detailed step-by-step installation instructions in addition to a video guide to help simplify the setup process.

Replacements are quick and easy, but will vary in frequency depending on use and the system purchased. For more information on how often to replace components within our under sink water filters, check out our under sink and countertop filter replacement page. If you have additional questions about our under sink water filtration systems, installation, replacement, or our products in general, please contact us for customer support.

Under Sink Water Filtration System FAQs

What does an under sink water filter do?

Under sink water filters are a type of water filtration system installed below a sink and improve water quality by removing contaminants like lead, mercury, chlorine, and others. By removing contaminants, homeowners can improve the taste, smell, appearance, and overall safety of tap water to make it healthier and more enjoyable to drink.

Are under sink water filters worth it?

Under sink water filters offer a great combination of performance and affordability. They're a great choice for people who want to improve their water quality well beyond what's offered by a pitcher filter, but without the high cost of a whole house system. Overall, their straightforward installation, high performance, and ease-of-use make under sink filters a great choice.

How long does an under sink water filter cartridge last?

The lifespan of an under sink water filter cartridge depends on the type and usage. Typically, under sink filters will need to be replaced every 6-12 months. However, some filters have a longer lifespan than others. Usage can also affect how long a filter lasts, and heavy usage may cause a filter to exceed its capacity before the recommended replacement time.