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Water Filters & Accessories

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Under Sink Water Filters

Starting at $99.99 Instantly transform ordinary tap water into clean, healthy water.

Shop Now installed under counter water filter

Countertop Water Filters

Starting at $64.99 Epic contaminant removal, ultimate convenience.

Shop Now countertop water filter

Shower Filters

Starting at $39.99 The ultimate health and beauty product for softer skin and hair.

Shop Now water filter for the shower

Whole House Water Filters

Starting at $649.00 Whole house solutions so you can enjoy healthy, filtered water from every tap.

Shop Now clean water for the entire home

Salt-free Water Conditioners

Starting at $729.16 Effective, Eco-friendly scale prevention for the entire house.

Shop Now water conditioners for the whole house

Salt-free Water Conditioner + Filter Combos

Starting at $1319.00 Healthy, delicious, conditioned water throughout your home.

Shop Now whole house water filter and water conditioner

Water Bottles

Starting at $9.99 Enjoy clean water everywhere you go.

Shop Now portable glass water bottles

Replacement Filters

Starting at $10.00 Find the cartridge you need, or join Water for Life and we’ll take care of the rest.

Shop Now replacement water filters

Water Filter Accessories

Starting at $19.99 Need a new shower wand or other accessory? Find it here.

Shop Now replacement shower wand

Clean Water Bottle

Starting at $19.99 Removes over 99% of bacteria, lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium, and giardia.

Shop Now bottle for filtering water

Fluoride Water Filter

Starting at $199.99 Tested & proven to remove over 95% of fluoride & over 80 other contaminants

Shop Now under counter fluoride filter


Starting at $499.99 High capacity, 3-stage water filter

Shop Now High capacity, 3-stage water filter

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