Stur Drinks and Aquasana Team Up to Help You Drink More Water!

For the month of June, Buy an Aquasana drinking filter system and receive $10 off any Stur Drinks products!

By: Emily Jacobs

We are happy to announce that this month Aquasana and Stur Drinks are teaming up to help you drink more water! Recently cities across the country have seen record-setting temperatures, making it harder for many people to stay hydrated if they don’t stay on top of their water consumption throughout the day. So we worked with Stur to help you figure out the best way to stay hydrated this summer. 

But first…

The first step to staying hydrated is to know how much water you should be drinking throughout the day. You may have heard that 8 cups a day is the recommended amount, however a study from Harvard Medical School found that this was incorrect. In reality, your recommended daily water intake will depend on a number of factors, including your diet, the weather, and level of physical activity. To find out your recommended intake, check out our helpful article here.

Easy tips to drink more water

1. Set a Goal: Once you’ve figured out how much water is recommended for you, try setting up a goal to hit that or whatever amount you’re personally aiming for. We recommend making this goal SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound). For example, if you want to increase your water consumption from 2 cups to 6 cups per day, it might be best to make your goal attainable by working up to that 6 by slowly adding a new cup of water each day. And always make sure you’re tracking your progress in your favorite health app to help keep you motivated.

2. Using Flavor Drops: Sometimes drinking plain ole water is boring. Treating yourself to flavor drops like Stur can be a great way to stay on top of your water consumption. But don’t forget to read the ingredients because not all flavor drops are equal! Make sure to use a brand that specifically has your health in mind and doesn’t add too much sugar. Stur is our favorite because they have zero sugar, use natural flavors, and is high in antioxidant vitamin C. So not only are you getting the benefits from water, but they help flush toxins from your body, boosts immunity, and helps protect your memory as you age. For drink recipe ideas, we recommend checking out Stur’s Instagram for inspiration!

3. Set Reminders: Everyone is busy these days, so sometimes it’s just hard to remember to stop drink water in the midst of everything! That’s why we recommend setting up reminders or alarms on your smartphone or smartwatch. Set up enough alarms to keep you on top of your goal, but not so many that you might get annoyed. Pro-tip: a funny alarm name like “Water you waiting for?” can help put a smile on your face and keep you going on your goal!

4. Invest in a water filter: When staying hydrated, it’s ideal to be drinking the best tap water you can. Our new Clean Water Machine countertop filter just made getting clean, healthy water on demand so much easier, as it is 5X faster than the leading pitcher filter. So you have no excuses when it’s time to go get that glass of water!

5. For additional tips check out this list.

And to celebrate our partnership, anyone who buys an Aquasana filter system will receive $10 off any Stur Drinks products! But hurry, this offer ends at the end of June.